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    Kingkote KK988 Water Repellant (Intrusive Type) is water based in formulation while composed of acrylic polymer and silicon-based material. The internal structure of its composition is water free and devoid of chemical reaction. Produces a majority of polymer crystals of silicon to reiforce formulation. Upon application, walls have excellent permeability while water proofed structures are 'breathable'.



    • Has high penetration rate while being a color-less, non-filming, non yellowing coating material.
    • Exclusion of water related features while allowing 'breathability' of surfaces upon application.
    • Surface areas upon application do not change colour. Original colour of surface and luster will not be tarnished.
    • Designed for stable form, durability and water resistance.


    Recommended Uses

    • Toilet
    • Bathroom


    Application Instruction

    • Clean the entire application surface; remove all the loose particles from the joint of tiles.
    • Ensure the application surface is in dry condition.
    • Repair the damaged surfaces by applying diluted KK233 mixed with cement, especially the joint of tiles and outlet area.
    • Stir well before the application.
    • Apply the KK988 by using sponge or brush, and then let it penetrate for 10 minutes.
    • Clean the remaining KK988 using sponge with water.
    • Stop using the toilet for two days before and after the application.
    • Coverage approximately 35m2/L.
    • Do not apply when the condition is wet, moisture.



    • Colourless



    • 5 Litre


    Shelf Life

    • 3 years



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